Destined for Hell


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Destined For Hell
The life story of Luis Torres, a miraculous event that is constantly happening in our society and so many times we don’t even see it. Destined for Hell is the story of a man who experienced all the misfortunes in life. Luis started as a loser, the product of a broken family caught up in witchcraft, a cocoon of despair and hopelessness. It was true that he was Destined for Hell unless there was divine intervention of a powerful, loving God.

It was very obvious that God, himself, through Jesus Christ, with strong holy hands pulled him out from the rat hole of life which is the lowest a human being can go, into the most powerful, glorious experience of relationship with Jesus Christ and gave him a glimpse into the heaven that lies ahead.

this book will make you laugh and cry, angry and glad and you will feel the pain of his growth. Luis has grown to a point of being an inspirational and dynamic speaker before crowds that hunger for the knowledge of God. We need more miraculous lives such as Luis Torres.

You won’t be able to put the book down. Fasten your seatbelt and let us begin the Destined For Hell journey of Luis Torres.

~Nicky Cruz

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