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Kids Armour ™
Kids Armour™ is engaged in the telecommunications and wireless EMF markets making available a new technology and accessory product which has been clinically tested and proven to provide a healthier phone and WiFi experience. Kids Armour has a strong focus on providing a new layer of protection for children and young adults while using wireless devices.
Tested and Proven
Kids Armour™ utilizes CeL-Factor™ technology that has been tested worldwide including the “Gold Standard” of Clinical Trials — A Double-blind, Randomized, Placebo-based Study which Clinically Confirmed Kids Armour™ helps keep the head’s tissue temperature cooler when using a cellphone and helps your blood remain in a more normal state when using a cellphone. The technology that Kids Armour utilizes has also been independently tested at a technical university in Israel where their testing results reported the Kids Armour™ technology has reduced SAR levels which will be extremely beneficial when using higher bandwidth devices.


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