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Pain happens. Whether you’ve been training hard for a marathon, playing a rough game of racquetball, pulled a little something in yoga, or picked your kid up wrong. Neo-Relief treats everything from sports injuries to arthritis, joint, and muscle pain. It speeds healing when and where you need it most.

Neo-Relief is made with a proprietary blend of 19 botanicals and 3 minerals. It’s a fast-acting clear gel that absorbs in seconds. It’s non-greasy and completely odorless. Neo-Relief is also free of synthetic chemicals so you can feel good about using it on yourself and your whole family.

Neo-Relief increases blood flow and promotes cell regeneration to reduce bruising and speed healing time with ingredients that inhibit pain sensitive neurons for fast long-acting pain relief. Many pain relieving products, distract the brain by creating a cooling or heating sensation. These ingredients are indeed natural and they can dull pain. But they often require frequent reapplication because they do nothing to heal, they just mask pain temporarily. These ingredients can also irritate your skin causing redness or burning and of course there’s that overwhelmingly unpleasant smell.
Neo-Relief is different.
Neo-Relief doesn’t just mask your pain, it works naturally, healing the source of your pain. Our carefully selected botanicals have a long history of healing and safety. We artfully blended these natural ingredients to create a colorless, odor-less, fast-acting pain relieving product that often works in one application and requires only a small amount. Frequent reapplications are generally not needed.

The airless pump bottle effectively dispenses your gel to reduce waste, while most other product containers leave product in the container, unable to be used. One bottle gives you 100 doses, costing only pennies per treatment.

Neo-Relief is a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) listed with the FDA and is patent-pending.


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