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Turn the Heart


Turn the Heart

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Turn the Heart: God Will Restore a Relationship for You!
Turn the Heart is more than simply non-fiction. It is the inspirational story of a father’s journey back to God and of the restoration of his family and reconciliation with his youngest daughter that spans more than ten years. In fact, it could be the story of any family that would look to God for the pathway to reconciliation. It just so happens that this is Wayne Smith’s story. The same outcome could happen for every reader who believes. The culminating reconciliations are heart-warming and real.

This story will captivate the reader, inspire one’s faith in God’s goodness, cause the reader to renew their hope and perhaps even launch readers to embark on their own faith journey for family restoration and reconciliation against what might appear to be impossible challenges. Nothing is ever as difficult as it first appears once we factor God into the equation.

The book also includes several stories from readers, as shared with the author, of their family reconciliation after reading Turn the Heart and trusting God to do what only He can.

When we bring our problems to God, He doesn’t give us a treatment – He provides us with the solution! As the grand finale to the book, there is a chapter from Wayne’s youngest daughter, whose heart was turned, and how her faith in God allowed Him to do what she couldn’t do alone.

Turn the Heart became God’s solution for this family and many others. Don’t try to turn your family around. Let God turn hearts. It’s the solution!

About the Author

Wayne Smith is an ordained minister of the Gospel and founder/president of Turn the Heart Ministries. His passion for families is fueled by his belief that God has entrusted this message to him for this time. Wayne and his wife, Pat, reside in Branson, Missouri. They share four daughters and seven grandchildren. Faith is not believing God can, it’s knowing that He will!

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